Top 10 Selena Gomez songs of all time (2023)


Selena Gomez is an American singer, actress, and producer who has made a significant impact on the music industry over the past decade. Her musical style ranges from pop and dance to R&B and ballads, showcasing her versatility as an artist. Throughout her career, Gomez has released numerous chart-topping songs and her music has resonated with fans around the world. In this article, we are going to take a look at theTop 10 Selena Gomez songs of all time. These tracks were chosen based on their commercial success, critical acclaim, and cultural impact. From catchy pop anthems to soulful ballads, each song on this list highlights Gomez's unique voice and her ability to connect with listeners on a personal level. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to her music, these Top 10 Selena Gomez Songs are sure to leave a lasting impression.

1. “I love you like a love song”

"Love You Like A Love Song" is a catchy pop song by American singer Selena Gomez. The song was released in 2011 as the second single from her third studio album, "When the Sun Goes Down". The song was co-written by Gomez herself, along with Antonina Armato and Tim James, and features an upbeat melody that makes it easy to sing along. The lyrics talk about the feeling of falling in love and wanting to express that love to the special person in your life. The song's chorus, with its repetition of the line "I love you like a love song, baby", is particularly memorable.

2. “Come and get it”

"Come & Get It" is an energetic pop song by Selena Gomez released in 2013. Written by Norwegian producers Stargate, the song features a combination of electronic and Indian music elements, giving it a unique and distinctive sound. The lyrics of the song talk about not being afraid to go after what you want in life, be it a romantic partner or your dreams and goals. The chorus, with the repetition of the line "When you're ready, come and get it," empowers and encourages listeners to take control of their lives. The music video for the song features Gomez in a series of elaborate and colorful outfits, dancing and performing in a lush tropical setting. Overall, “Come & Get It” is a fun and upbeat song that inspires listeners to be confident and go after their desires.

3. “Same old love”

"Same Old Love" is a pop song by Selena Gomez released in 2015. The song was co-written by Gomez, Charli XCX, and Stargate, and features a catchy, upbeat melody that's easy to dance to. The song's lyrics deal with the end of a relationship and the frustration of being in a cycle of on-off romance. Gomez's powerful voice and soulful delivery make this song a standout track on her second studio album, "Revival." The song's music video features Gomez in various glamorous outfits, performing against a backdrop of neon lights and cityscapes.

4. “Calm down” with Rema

“Calm Down” is a collaboration between Selena Gomez and Nigerian recording artist Rema, released in 2021. The song features a fusion of Afrobeat and pop music, with Gomez's sultry vocals blending seamlessly with Rema's rap verses. . The song's lyrics are about letting go of anxiety and stress and enjoying the present moment. The music video for the song features Gomez and Rema at various locations in Lagos, Nigeria, showcasing the city's vibrant cultural and music scene. The song was praised for its infectious beat and positive message.

5. “The heart wants what it wants”

“The Heart Wants What It Wants” is an emotional ballad by Selena Gomez released in 2014. The song, written by Gomez and Antonina Armato, is about the pain of a broken heart and the difficulty of leaving a toxic relationship behind. Gomez's raw and vulnerable voice, combined with the haunting piano melody, make this song a powerful and moving listen. The music video for the song features Gomez in a series of intimate and introspective moments, conveying the raw emotion behind the lyrics. "The Heart Wants What It Wants" is a standout track from Gomez's first greatest hits album, "For You", and has been praised for its authenticity and relatability.

6. “Hands on me”

“Hands To Myself” is a seductive pop song by Selena Gomez, released in 2015 as the third single from her album “Revival”. The song features a catchy melody and sensual vocals, and the lyrics are about the thrill of desire and temptation. The song's music video features Gomez as a stalker breaking into a Hollywood actor's home, highlighting the song's themes of infatuation and obsession. "Hands To Myself" was a commercial success and was praised for its catchy melody and infectious beat.

7. “Slow down”

"Slow Down" is a dance-pop song by Selena Gomez, released in 2013 as the second single from her album "Stars Dance". The song features an upbeat beat and upbeat lyrics about living in the moment and enjoying life. The song's music video features Gomez driving through the streets of Paris at night, highlighting the carefree and adventurous spirit of the song. "Slow Down" was praised for its catchy melody and uplifting message.

8. "Good for you" feat. a$ap rocky

"Good For You" is a sultry pop song by Selena Gomez, featuring rapper A$AP Rocky. The song, released in 2015, features a sparse, minimalist sound, highlighted by Gomez's smooth and seductive vocals. The lyrics talk about wanting to please a lover and be seen as desirable. The music video for the song features Gomez in a series of glamorous outfits, showcasing her confidence and her sex appeal. "Good For You" was praised for its mature, intimate sound and for showcasing Gomez's growth as an artist.

9. “Losing you to love me”

“Lose You to Love Me” is a moving and power ballad by Selena Gomez, released in 2019. The song was co-written by Gomez, Julia Michaels, and Justin Tranter, and features a simple yet haunting piano melody that showcases Gomez's vulnerability. and soulful voices. The lyrics talk about the pain of leaving a toxic relationship and the self-discovery that comes with it. The song's music video features Gomez in a black and white look, conveying the raw and personal nature of the song's message. "Lose You to Love Me" was praised for its authenticity and honesty, and became one of Gomez's most successful and beloved songs.

10. “My mind and I”

"My Mind & Me" is a slow, contemplative ballad by Selena Gomez, released in 2022. The song features a lean production, focusing on introspective lyrics and Gomez's soulful vocals. The lyrics talk about the difficulty of overcoming negative thoughts and the importance of self-care and mental health. The song's music video features Gomez in various vulnerable and intimate moments, conveying the raw emotion behind the lyrics. "My Mind & Me" was praised for its honesty and vulnerability, and highlights Gomez's growth as an artist and advocate for mental health awareness.

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Top 10 Selena Gomez songs of all time? ›

1. “Love You Like A Love Song” I, I love you like a love song, baby, Gomez repeatedly chants in “Love You Like A Love Song.”

What is Selena Gomez's biggest song ever? ›

1. “Love You Like A Love Song” I, I love you like a love song, baby, Gomez repeatedly chants in “Love You Like A Love Song.”

What are 4 of Selena's more well known songs? ›

Below, we look at 10 of the best Selena songs.
  • “Como La Flor”
  • “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”
  • “I Could Fall in Love With You”
  • “No Me Queda Mas”
  • “Dreaming of You”
  • “La Carcacha”
  • “Si Una Vez”
  • “Techno Cumbia”
Mar 31, 2023

What is the saddest song of Selena? ›

"No Llores Mas Corazon" (1987)

Why it makes you cry: Because when your heart cries, you cry.

What songs is Selena Gomez known for? ›

  • Love You Like A Love Song. Selena Gomez & The Scene. ...
  • Calm Down. Rema & Selena Gomez. ...
  • It Ain't Me. Kygo x Selena Gomez. ...
  • Same Old Love. Selena Gomez. ...
  • Good For You. Selena Gomez Featuring A$AP Rocky. ...
  • Back To You. Selena Gomez. ...
  • Taki Taki. DJ Snake Featuring Selena Gomez, Ozuna & Cardi B. ...
  • We Don't Talk Anymore.

What is Selena Gomez number 1 song? ›

Its lead single, "Lose You to Love Me", was an international hit and reached the top five of various national charts worldwide, becoming her first number-one song in the US, Canada, and Ireland.

Did Selena have a number 1 hit? ›

Her seven No. 1 hits are as follows: Amor Prohibido, Dreaming of You, All My Hits Todos Mis Exitos, Siempre Selena, All My Hits -- Todos Mis Exitos Vol. 2, Anthology and Enamorada De Ti. Most notably, her crossover album Dreaming of You hit No.

What are Selena's 3 most famous songs? ›

“Si Una Vez,” “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” and “No Me Queda Más,” along with many other songs on this list of Selena's best songs were included in the 1994 Amor Prohibido album, which is largely credited to have revolutionized Tejano music.

Who was Selena's favorite singer? ›

Selena's favorite singers included Garth Brooks, Gloria Estefan, Bonnie Raitt and Janet Jackson. Of her own music, Selena's favorite was the single “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.”

What was Selena's last hit? ›

Selena's last recording, "Puede Ser", was released in 2004 and is a duet with Nando "Guero" Dominguez, which was written by Selena's widower Chris Perez.

What song did Selena sing to calm the crowd? ›

Crowd Whisperer

While Selena's dad wants to cancel the show, she is convinced she can calm them down with her song “Como la flor.” And it works.

What song is known as the saddest song? ›

R.E.M.'s 1992 hit “Everybody Hurts” has been named the “Saddest Song of All Time” according to a recent survey by OnePoll. Sinead O'Connor's “Nothin Compares 2 U” and Eric Clapton's “Tears in Heaven” came in second and third.

How many songs does Selena have? ›

The singles discography of Selena, a Mexican American singer-songwriter, consist of peak chart positions of her 93 singles released in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Spain, as well as certifications and sales.

Who is Selena Gomez best friend? ›

In Apple TV+'s March 10 episode of Dear…, Selena Gomez looked back on the “unbelievably overwhelming” moment best friend Francia Raísa agreed to donate her kidney.

What made Selena so popular? ›

Sometimes called the "Queen of Tejano," Selena's music expanded the audience for Texan-Mexican music, and contributed to a rise in Latin music popularity across the United States. Selena's album Selena Live! won a Grammy Award in 1994, making her the first Tejano artist to win a Grammy.

How rich is Selena Gomez? ›

Answer: Selena Gomez has a net worth of USD 95 million and derives wealth from Instagram posts, music albums, brand endorsements and her makeup line Rare Beauty.

How many top 10 hits did Selena have? ›

Selena Quintanilla, the “Queen of Tejano music,” created fourteen top ten hits, with many of them becoming number-one singles,. She was not only an acclaimed recording artist and performer but also a songwriter, model, and fashion icon – even making a cameo appearance in in Don Juan DeMarco with Johnny Depp.

Who has the #1 hit of all time? ›

The Beatles

Who had the first female #1 hit? ›

1960: Connie Francis

In 1960, Connie Francis becomes the first solo woman to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with “Everybody's Somebody's Fool.” Then, beginning in 1964, The Supremes set a record (which still holds today) as the female group with the most Hot 100 No. 1s, racking up 12 in the 1960s.

Who has most #1 hit songs? ›

The Beatles have tallied the most No. 1 hits in the 61-year history of the Hot 100, with 20. Their closest competitor is Mariah Carey, with 18.

How old was Selena when she died? ›

How old is Selena today? ›

Selena was born on April 16, 1971, in Lake Jackson, Texas. She was killed 16 days before her 24 birthday, which means that Selena would be 49 years old in 2020.

Why did Yolanda shoot Selena Gomez? ›

She was shot dead by Yolanda Saldivar. Saldivar was an employee and manager for Selena's boutiques and fan club and was found to have been embezzling money.
Murder of Selena
PerpetratorYolanda Saldívar
MotiveMoney embezzlement and Selena's management demanding missing fan club's financial records
9 more rows

What happened to Selena egg ring? ›

Quintanilla said that the ring was thrown into the ocean at the Gulf Of Mexico after Selena's death. Helping to keep Selena's music, memory and legacy alive since 1995! Experience The Fun & Stay Up To Date; Like and Follow us!

What was Selena's most popular concert? ›

When Selena performed at the Houston Astrodome on February 26, 1995, she drew the largest crowd in history of the Astrodome. The concert drew in a total of over 61,000 fans. Many of which have said it was Selena's best performance.

Did Beyonce admire Selena Quintanilla? ›

"I just saw her, greeted her and continued on my way." Jay-Z's wife said that being a fan of Selena helped her a lot in her career. "Growing up in Houston, I listened to her on the radio. Listening to her album, although I didn't know exactly what she was singing, helped me a lot in the studio.

What was Selena's last words before she died? ›

Selena collapsed on the floor at 11:49 a.m. (CST) as hotel general manager Barbara Schultz telephoned the emergency services. Selena screamed at the staff, telling them, "Lock the door! She'll shoot me again!” The singer identified Saldívar as her assailant and gave the number of the room where she had been shot.

How did fans react to Selena's death? ›

A reported 20,000 mourners passed the casket. Fans outside of Corpus Christi held vigils and kept up with the constant media coverage, especially on the Spanish-language television and radio stations. Many radio stations played only Selena songs while letting fans express their grief the entire weekend.

What was Selena's favorite food? ›

While most know Selena's favorite food was pizza and that she had a passion for fashion, here are five other things you probably didn't know about the late Queen of Tejano music.

Did Jennifer Lopez actually sing in Selena? ›

But what's interesting is that Lopez doesn't actually sing in the movie. The voice you hear every time Selena performs on stage or records a new song is the late singer's, with Lopez lip-syncing to her tracks.

What song was given to Selena instead of Whitney? ›

"I'm Getting Used to You" is the title of the fourth single released by Selena from the album Dreaming of You. It was written by Diane Warren and produced by Rhett Lawrence. The song was released on November 26, 1995, by EMI.

Did Jennifer Lopez know Selena? ›

Lopez calls Selena her mentor

“It was a great thing for her to be my mentor in a way and teach me so much about how to navigate this business, but [also] how to navigate this life,” she told NBC News. “If she was here, she would be doing what I'm doing right now,” she said. “It's a sad story.

What is the most suicidal song ever recorded? ›

Press reports in the 1930s associated at least 100 suicides, both in Hungary and the United States, with "Gloomy Sunday", but most of the deaths supposedly linked to it are difficult to verify.

What songs do people cry to? ›

37 sad songs that will make you ugly cry every single time
  • Glimpse of Us by Joji. ...
  • Someone Like You by Adele. ...
  • Overprotected by Britney Spears. ...
  • Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia. ...
  • Matilda by Harry Styles. ...
  • Shallow by Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper. ...
  • Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self by P! ...
  • Piece by Piece by Kelly Clarkson.
Jan 15, 2023

What is the happiest song in the world? ›

Here are the world's happiest songs according to Dr Bonshor's formula:
  • “House of Fun” by Madness.
  • “Get the Party Started” by P! nk.
  • “Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel.
  • “Sun Is Shining” by Bob Marley.
  • “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys.
  • “YMCA” by Village People.
  • “Waterloo” by ABBA.
  • “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire.
Feb 16, 2023

Which friend gave Selena Gomez a kidney? ›

Selena Gomez has been talking once again about the kidney donation she received from her close friend Francia Raisa, and what that decision has meant for her life.

Who is Selena Gomez favorite actor? ›

She has a major crush on Shia LaBeouf. Some of her favorite musical artists include Fall Out Boy, Christina Aguilera and her friend Vanessa Hudgens. She is good friends with her Ramona and Beezus co-star Joey King.

Is Selena Gomez still friends with her kidney donor? ›

Despite feud rumours, it appears the pair are still besties.

Where is Selena buried? ›

How old was Selena when she got married? ›

On April 2, 1992, Selena and Chris eloped. Within hours, media outlets announced their union, making the Quintanilla patriarch furious. “Selena and I decided that the only way to be together...was to run away and get married (at 20 and 22 years old) in secret.

What year was Selena most popular? ›

Selena first won Tejano Music Awards' “Female Vocalist of the Year” in 1986 at the age of 15, and from 1987 to 1996 she continued winning as vocalist and as “Female Entertainer of the Year,” along with other awards such as “Song of the Year.” In 1996, even after her death, she won almost all categories.

Who is richer Selena or Hailey? ›

Image: Getty Images. What is Hailey Bieber's net worth? Hailey Bieber's net worth is $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. In comparison, Hailey's husband Justin Bieber's net worth is $300 million, while his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez's net worth is $95 million.

Was Selena Gomez Born rich or poor? ›

Was Selena Gomez born rich? No. Selena's parents were not wealthy when she was born. Her mother and father divorced when she was just 5, causing her mother to struggle to pay for things as she grew up.

Who is the richest celebrity? ›

Currently, Jami Gertz is the richest actor in the world with a net worth of $3 billion.

What is Selena Gomez most famous for? ›

What was Selena Gomez best known for? Selena Gomez was known for her starring role on the 2007–12 Disney television series Wizards of Waverly Place and as the singer of such pop hit songs as “Come & Get It” and “Same Old Love.”

When was Selena a big hit? ›

Often called the Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla made her music debut in the early 80s at around 10 years old as part of the band Selena y Los Dinos—a group with her older siblings A.B. and Suzette Quintanilla. By 1993, she was a full-fledged star, and her album Live!

What is the fastest song Selena Gomez wrote? ›

In her Apple TV+ documentary, Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me, the Only Murders in the Buildings star revealed it's the fastest she's ever written a song, explaining she was inspired to do so after sharing her bipolar diagnosis with the world during her speech while accepting the 2019 McLean Award for mental health.

Is Selena Gomez a Millionaire? ›

Selena Gomez has a net worth of $95 million dollars due to her work as an actress, singer, producer, songwriter and also her brand endorsements, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What music did Selena dominate? ›

Selena Quintanilla-Perez was known as the Queen of Tejano because she single-handedly revolutionized the genre, fusing her Mexican roots with bold new sounds. With her brother A.B.

What is the fastest song ever? ›

Tung Twista – Mista Tung Twista

Mista Tung Twista is an American rapper who holds the Guinness world record for the fastest rap song ever recorded.

What was Selena's last song before she died? ›

Selena recorded "God's Child (Baila Conmigo)", a duet with David Byrne that was included on the soundtrack of the comedy film Blue in the Face (1995). Byrne said the song was the last recording Selena made before she was shot and killed by Yolanda Saldívar, her friend and former manager of her Selena Etc.

What is the most streamed Selena songs? ›

Selena Gomez most streamed tracks (EAS)
  • We Don't Talk Anymore [Orphan] – 1,710,000. ...
  • Taki Taki [Orphan] – 1,337,000. ...
  • It Ain't Me [Orphan] – 1,256,000. ...
  • Wolves [Orphan] – 1,075,000. ...
  • Back to You [Orphan] – 826,000. ...
  • Lose You to Love Me [Rare] – 738,000. ...
  • Good For You [Revival] – 629,000. ...
  • Hands To Myself [Revival] – 601,000.
Oct 16, 2018

Who has more #1 hits? ›

The Beatles have tallied the most No. 1 hits in the 61-year history of the Hot 100, with 20. Their closest competitor is Mariah Carey, with 18.


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