Lunar Eclipse November 2022 ~ Radical Tridents | dark star astrology (2023)

OLunar eclipse on November 8, 2022drink 16ºTaurus 2nd DecanAspects:Conjunction Uranus square Saturn.Fixed Star:To install Menkar.tarot card:6 of PentaclesCristal:citrine

moon in taurusDean 2

The moon is exalted in this decan by Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce (both had their natal moons here). Both men had a clear connection to the collective unconscious. The moon can sometimes cause trouble near Menkar, as Cetus the whale is also a symbol of the world's communal psyche. So there can be an overabsorption of everything out there in the cosmos, visible and invisible, good and bad!

This includes material from dimensions that may have a negative agenda. These forces can easily manipulate the moon (in other words, the general public that the moon represents!). So at this point, we may have a hard time distinguishing our own emotions from those around us. Of course, this sensitivity can also have a positive effect if an artist can capture the audience's mood and modulate their performance accordingly.

Lunar Eclipse Tarot Card

Lunar Eclipse November 2022 ~ Radical Tridents | dark star astrology (1)

The tarot card associated with this dean is the 6 of pentagrams."It's a map of extremes. A have/don't have chart,domination/submission, superiority/inferiority, generosity/stingy, supporting/not being supported, valued/used, teaching/learning, hiring/firing. The list could go on ad nauseam. However, one of its strong traditional meanings is charity or patronage. After you ran into difficulties or ran into financial difficulties, someone would usually rush in to rescue you.”~teaching metarot.

Karmically, one should use material generosity sincerely and not as a means of controlling others. If you are not the recipient, you must be careful not to compromise your artistic integrity by granting your benefactor. Selling yourself can be very tempting during this time.

november lunar eclipseAstrology 2022

Lunar Eclipse November 2022 ~ Radical Tridents | dark star astrology (2)

Lunar eclipse fixed star ~ Menkar

Means ~ 14this in the open mouth of the sea monster. Sent to devastate Andromeda, this creature is considered unlucky. The Ebertins say:“This star has a Saturnian character, corresponding to obstacles of various kinds, sorrows and tests of endurance. Unjustified enmities that in a way harden and harden these people.”

The main issues with this star seem to be heredity issues and throat issues. Robson's harsh words emphasize Menkar's dark side;"Mental anxiety, hatred of the common people, malevolence of women, loss of marriage... Inheritances accompanied by much evil, Strong and uncontrolled passions, jealousy, bad company, immoral, violent..."are just some of the descriptions.

Eclipse lunarnovember aspects

Moon Conjunction Uranus

Lunar Conjunction Uranus features lunatics, unconventional rebels, and silent misfits. There is a pathological need for shock and outrage. However, those who attract this attention are often shy and uncomfortable with the notoriety this outrageous behavior brings them. These days, protesters can be labeled attention-seekers and conspiracy freaks while simply trying to speak the truth.

Moon opposite Mercury

ComMoon opposite Mercury, The mood will change very quickly. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to plan. You have to be super adaptable and agile to adapt to the mood of the audience. Because of this uncertainty, you might want to say you're close to home. You should also do things on a small scale so last minute changes don't spell the end of the world. The time has come for small tweaks, attention to detail and tweaks. You don't want to get involved in projects that require long-term planning or that tackle something too ambitious.

Lunar Eclipse November 2022 ~ Radical Tridents | dark star astrology (3)

Say Trine Ceres

Say Trine Ceressupports charity work and feeds the vulnerable. It is also a moment when the collective misses what seems to be a golden past. Old and traditional values ​​are glorified while antiques are more attractive. The wisdom and experience of older people is respected and honored. Taking stock of the past and preserving valuables is rewarding during this time. So assert your ancestral connections and make strawberry jam with grandma!

Moon Square Saturn

ComMoon Square Saturn, Circumstances force people to take responsibility for their actions.Heavy lifting falls into this category. So if you need to put some hard work into a task, this is the time to do it. It allows you to practice focused discipline. Saturn always rewards hard work, but it can punish those who are lazy and entitled! Every event has a karmic feeling and the omens are very serious.

Eclipse-TriggerSaturn square Uranus

Eclipse triggers thisSaturn square Uranusagain as that aspect is now fading away. We can see the kill lists of all the evil demons this place has summoned into the collective. Remember all that techno bully that started in February 2021? In the article I said: "Saturn in Aquarius can be a tyrannical philanthropist and even quite communist (Aquarius likes equality and is also very utopian), while Uranus in Taurus is something of a radical pawn. pitchforks at dawn?

Another development with this aspect is AI, the merging of the organic human (Saturn) with technology (Uranus). Uranus in Taurus could be the rise of cryptocurrencies, with this square bringing an economic meltdown that will start a revolution. It could also be about bringing back the gold standard, as Saturn is the old way.”

Lunar eclipse in the collective

One type of Uranus in Taurus "radical pawn" could be that of the United Kingdomnew king Charles III. Her Sun in 22nd Scorpio and Venus in 20th Scorpio combine with the Venus of Eclipses in 20th Scorpio. As a king, he is one of the most powerful men in the world today and he is also an organic farmer.

The "radical peasant" could also be the revolt of the Dutch peasants. It was almost not reported in the mainstream media. Thousands of Dutch farmers protested the government's plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions. That means 10,000 farms will have to close or become “green farms”. I don't know enough about that, but as far as I know, synthetic pesticides are part of the problem. Farmers have to wait 2 years to qualify for organic status, but who can afford that during the #CostOfLivingCrisis? I would like to see more organic farms.

Eclipse lunarSummary

This is sensual and empathetic energy, so a massage would be great during this lunar eclipse. Self-treatments such as acupuncture would also be beneficial. This dean's mercurial influence supports healing hands and green thumbs. It's very motherly and material, while the moon adds even more nurturing here, so we're generous with our children and those we care about.

This lunar eclipse supports those who turn their home into a sanctuary and host dinners that make people feel loved and well fed. We yearn to do something good for ourselves and others, but that can be quite difficult in this cold winter. Despite this, we can still find ways to provide our loved ones with material goods, no matter what! This eclipse gives great business acumen to those connected with it and attracts pentacles like bees to honey.

Menkar's negative aspects can therefore be transcended, but probably only by more evolved souls. Promised wealth is not to be used selfishly. Many aspects of the lunar eclipse are about care, tradition and nurturing. Some people may need to learn simple things like learning to cook and living frugally. Think of the years of war and rationing. It seems to be the case. This is how we learned to live on a limited budget and to be creative in managing our household.

The moon also has this great sensitivity, so it will benefit those who are artistic and empathetic. You will know how to make beautiful objects out of almost anything. Sculptures made from recycled items go well, and food art. That isTo dieSolar eclipse for cake decorators! Christmas tables will be dazzling this year under the influence of this eclipse. It doesn't have to cost money if you have imagination!

Solar Eclipse Healing Crystal ~ Citrine

Lunar Eclipse November 2022 ~ Radical Tridents | dark star astrology (4)

Citrine is the perfect crystal to comfort us during the cold winter months. Its bright yellow color looks like a crystallized sun. It is said that sunlight can brighten the darkest mood, and so does this cheerful crystal. When the cold nights come, this crystal is sure to make you shine! This stone is known as the "creator of light" and is associated with success and abundance.

“Citrine is an excellent crystal for human relationships. Soothes family or group problems and promotes solutions and cohesion. It also helps to understand and deal with the impressions absorbed from the people around us. Wearing a citrus attracts love and good luck and protects against those who would break your heart. It is also a powerful shield against malice and jealousy.”~Kristallgewölbe. with

Because of its warm solar energy, citrine is excellent for overcoming depression, anxiety and phobias. Those with low self-esteem can benefit from its calming golden aura. Citrine is a stone of self-healing, inspiration and self-improvement. One feels more radiant holding a citrine and it gives optimism for the future rather than being stuck in the past. Most notably, I find that citrine helps resolve the contradictions of Saturn square Uranus quite well.


New Moon November 2022 ~ World of Clowns

Solar Eclipse October 2022 ~ Insatiable


What is the significance of the lunar eclipse in November 2022? ›

This particular Total Lunar Eclipse will go conjunct the North Node which is all about the future, collective destiny, changing the course of history, completing an era and starting something new. It's a game-changer transit.

What zodiac is the lunar eclipse November 2022? ›

November 2022's total lunar eclipse in Taurus brings a wild year to a climax. On November 8, a total lunar eclipse in Taurus brings a year of jagged change to its climax. Raging from 2021–2023, this Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle reckons with power, autonomy, sexuality and the many dangerous interpretations of freedom.

What does tonight's lunar eclipse mean spiritually? ›

Lunar Eclipse Spiritual Meaning. In astrology, the spiritual aspects of the moon represent our deep emotional tides. Astrologists believe an eclipse is a life-changing time to seek change and usher in evolution.

What energy is November Full Moon 2022? ›

The November 2022 full Beaver Moon, which arrives on Nov. 8, is the final eclipse of the year, and it's doing its usual eclipse business: unveiling secrets and revving us into emotional overdrive.

How does lunar eclipse affect humans? ›

Lunar eclipse can affect the eyes

According to science, moon rays, unlike the sun, do not harm naked eyes. According to NASA, viewers don't need any special equipment to observe a lunar eclipse, although binoculars or a telescope will enhance the view and the red color.

Does eclipse 2022 affect humans? ›

The eclipse causes rapid damage to the eyes and the individual may not even experience any pain. “The amount of time looking at the sun that will cause loss of sight varies from eye to eye but in all cases is only a matter of seconds,” says NASA. Loss of vision is sudden in this case and is not treatable.

What does the Bible say about the blood moon? ›

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord,” – Joel 2:31. “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord.” – Acts 2:20.

What is the meaning of eclipse in astrology? ›

Eclipses are dramatic “wild cards” in our horoscopes. They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change. They uproot us, surprise us, and get us moving.

What effect does the blood moon have on humans? ›

So what's the deal? Well, it's believed by some astrologers that the blood moon can send all of your emotions into a fury-inducing spin — and apparently, the exact impact the blood moon can have on your mood will vary depending your star sign.

What not to do during lunar eclipse? ›

Avoid intercourse.

“In the Hindu shastras, this event is considered to be an extremely inauspicious one, and consequently, the eclipses or grahans are believed to be a sign of bad omen,” she told DNA. However, science says that if you're having an off night in bed, it had nothing to do with the Moon.

What do spiritual people do during a lunar eclipse? ›

Doing a small personal ritual on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, like lighting a candle or writing an intention down on paper and burning it, can help you to engage the energies of release and usher in new changes.

Can a lunar eclipse affect your mood? ›

Because lunar eclipses are more feminine in nature, they affect the emotional body to a greater degree and are much more emotionally charged compared to a solar eclipse. This can often can cause an emotional breakdown as you break through these energies.

What signs are affected by lunar eclipse 2022? ›

How will the Blood Moon 2022 affect the zodiac signs? This time, four zodiac signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius — are in focus. Full moons are generally events of big revelations and confronting hidden feelings and resolving issues that we usually brush under the carpet.

What is the most powerful moon of 2022? ›

July's full Buck Moon orbits closer to Earth than any other full Moon this year, making it the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2022! At its nearest point, the Buck Moon will be 222,089.3 miles (357,418 km) from Earth so it just edges out June's Strawberry Moon by 200km.

What kind of energy does a full moon bring? ›

Light and dark energy are both at a peak during the full moon, so it's a great time to cleanse your space, body and mind – clearing out any energy you no longer want to hold onto.

What not to do during eclipse? ›

One should abstain from eating, drinking and worshipping god during the eclipse. Can you see the solar eclipse? It is advisable to not watch the solar eclipse with naked eyes.

What energy does a lunar eclipse bring? ›

A lunar eclipse can be an extremely powerful time for cleansing emotional energy and setting future intentions for renewal and rejuvenation. The energetic cycles of the lunar eclipse tend to extend beyond the actual eclipse for up to three months, making it an ideal time for planning and setting intentions.

Why do I feel drained after a lunar eclipse? ›

Why You Feel Exhausted During Eclipse Season. The reason you're feeling so tired is because a lunar eclipse literally “eclipses” the power of the moon. As the moon enters the Earth's umbra—aka it's crimson-red shadow—it zaps away its vitality and drains the moon of all its magic.

What crystals are good for lunar eclipse? ›

Serpentine: Serpentine helps you connect to your own energies fully, thus enabling you to face each and every emotion that can arise during a lunar eclipse. This crystal can also connect you to the natural world, meaning it will help keep you grounded during a lunar eclipse while being in tune with yourself.

What should I eat during a lunar eclipse? ›

Any kind of food should be avoided during or right before the eclipse. It is also believed to not keep or consume any pre-cooked food during an eclipse as it may be more vulnerable to contamination or decay. It is best to eat freshly prepared food on the day of the eclipse. Consumption of raw food is also not advised.

Is lunar eclipse good in astrology? ›

Lunar eclipses are considered significant celestial events in astrology and can bring about emotional and energetic changes.

What is the spiritual meaning of the eclipse 2022? ›

While October's eclipse had everything to do with letting go, the November 2022 blood moon's spiritual meaning is all about adopting comfort, safety, and pleasure.

How long does the effect of lunar eclipse last astrology? ›

Moreover, for individuals, the astrological house in which the eclipse takes place will be affected for up to 6 months. If the eclipse falls around the same degree as a planet in the individual's horoscope, then it affects the planet, and everything it represents in that person's horoscope.

Why is the number 7 God's number? ›

God stopped on the seventh day. In Hebrew, the number "seven" has the same consonants as the word for completeness or wholeness. , seven develops two key symbolic associations. One of them is that one through seven all together is a symbol of completeness.

What is the folklore of the blood moon? ›

The ancient Inca people interpreted the deep red colouring as a jaguar attacking and eating the moon. They believed that the jaguar might then turn its attention to Earth, so the people would shout, shake their spears and make their dogs bark and howl, hoping to make enough noise to drive the jaguar away.

Does the blood moon have a spiritual meaning? ›

The spiritual meaning of the blood moon is the opening of the path to exploring what is often referred to as our darker side, emotions such as rage, shame, and grief. These emotions are not widely acknowledged in our culture, and yet they exist.

What is the personality of a person born on a lunar eclipse? ›

As for your personality – you are bold and strongly intuitive. The main challenges you face have to do with balancing your need for logical thinking and emotional doing. You may see the lack of a brightly illuminated Full Moon as a bad thing, but it is rather the opposite.

How does an eclipse affect people? ›

Exposing your eyes to the sun without proper eye protection during a solar eclipse can cause “eclipse blindness” or retinal burns, also known as solar retinopathy. This exposure to the light can cause damage or even destroy cells in the retina (the back of the eye) that transmit what you see to the brain.

What do Christians believe about eclipses? ›

In an early 11th-century chronicle, Bishop Thietmar of Merseburg advised all Christians that eclipses were not caused by evil incantations or the celestial bodies being eaten, and they were powerless to bring an eclipse to an end by their actions.

Does the blood moon make people act different? ›

Fact: Science says that no, there is no clear statistical evidence of a full Moon affecting human behavior.

What is the spiritual meaning of November full moon? ›

Since November's beaver moon is the last full moon before the winter solstice, some refer to it as the 'mourning moon' – and according to pagan traditions, is a time to let go of past troubles or grief and look forward to a new season and soon, a new year.

How does the blood moon affect zodiac signs? ›

Blood moons bring chaos, disruption, and change in astrology. Because they require a full moon and total lunar eclipse to occur, blood moons amplify the already strong powers of the lunar cycle. The full moon symbolizes sudden illumination, hidden information rising to the surface, and shifts in your inner life.

Why shouldn't you manifest during an eclipse? ›

That kind of powerful and destabilizing energy is not what you want to invite into your manifestation rituals or charge your crystals with. Instead, eclipses are much better for sitting back, processing the shifts, and allowing the universe to do its thing without trying to intervene.

What mantras to chant during lunar eclipse? ›

ॐ ह्लीं दुं दुर्गाय: नम: Speech is improved if this mantra is chanted during the lunar eclipse. 5.

Is it bad to charge your crystals during an eclipse? ›

Well, because eclipse energy is erratic, chaotic and unpredictable, and you absolutely do not want to draw those vibes in or allow your precious crystals to absorb its harshness. May as well bathe 'em in battery acid.

What rituals to do during an eclipse? ›

  • Stay Home & Shut the Blinds. As much as you might want to stand outside and soak up the sun during an eclipse, there are many astrologers and spiritual advisers who would advise against it. ...
  • Journal, Meditate & Get Grounded. ...
  • Cleanse Your Energy & Home. ...
  • Use Tarot Cards or Other Divination Forms.
Apr 19, 2023

Do people have mental issues during lunar eclipse? ›

There are many people who believe that if a moon is in a bad position like eclipse it may cause heart related diseases, breathing trouble, coughs, colds, insomnia, stress, impatience, insecurity, indecisiveness, fear and mood swings. Exposing yourself to open lunar eclipse may even lead to mental imbalance and lunacy.

Why Empaths can't sleep during a full moon? ›

During a full moon, empaths may find it difficult to sleep. This is because the full moon is a time of heightened energy, and empaths can easily pick up on the strong emotions of others. To counteract this, empaths can practice grounding exercises such as meditating, taking deep breaths, and journaling.

Which horoscope should not see lunar eclipse? ›

This astronomical event will be auspicious for Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces. People of other zodiac signs should not gaze at the lunar eclipse. People of Aries zodiac sign should take special precautions.

Which zodiac is affected by lunar eclipse? ›

How the May 2023 Lunar Eclipse Will Affect the Zodiac Signs. People who have placements in any of the fixed signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius — will feel the May 5 lunar eclipse more than others.

What does eclipse mean in love? ›

If You're In A Relationship

"That could mean experiencing less friction with a significant other, a more romantic connection with that person, a better sex life and/or simply having more engaged, meaningful conversations.

What moon is the luckiest? ›

According to Moon lore, in many cases the full Moon brings good luck.

What is the new moon november 2022 manifestation? ›

The November 2022 New Moon's Spiritual Meaning Is About Manifesting Your Dreams. Embrace the bigger picture. Optimism is hanging in the air these days, and it's starting to feel like anything's possible.

Which moon is strong in astrology? ›

The exalted moon is a powerful thing in the birth chart. It gives highly imaginative and creative nature to the person owning it. However, the house it is placed in plays its own role.

How does a full moon affect females? ›

May affect males and females differently

A 2015 study of 205 people found that the full moon may affect sleep differently in males and females. Many females sleep less and have less REM sleep when the full moon phase is near, whereas males have more REM sleep close to a full moon.

What not to do during a full moon? ›

What not to do during full moons, according to an astrologer
  • Seek new beginnings. “This is a time of releasing, welcoming closure, and allowing things to complete,” says Alejandrez-Prasad. ...
  • Initiate intense discussions. ...
  • Consume mind-altering substances. ...
  • Overextend your schedule. ...
  • Rush the process.
Nov 16, 2021

Does a full moon affect emotions? ›

The full moon is a time of BIG emotions. You might find yourself feeling overwhelmed and a bit snappier than usual. The full moon also signals a few sleep changes, so you may find yourself lying awake at night or not sleeping as deeply as usual. And, we all know the impact that a sleepless night has on us...

What is Sutak period? ›

Sutak and Patak kaal or period are observed during birth and death within the family. Sutak takes place during birth and Patak during the death in the family. Patak lasts for 13 days strictly and during this period no Gods or Goddesses are worshipped, and no auspicious works undertaken.

How to safely look at eclipse? ›

Solar viewing glasses—also called eclipse glasses—are an easy, affordable way to safely look at a solar eclipse. Without these special glasses, the Sun can permanently damage your eyes or cause blindness.

What is the spiritual work with lunar eclipse? ›

In astrology, the spiritual aspects of the moon represent our deep emotional tides. Astrologists believe an eclipse is a life-changing time to seek change and usher in evolution. During a lunar eclipse, your emotions and subconscious patterns will be revealed when the moon is covered in the earth's shadow.

What are the spiritual benefits of lunar eclipse? ›

A lunar eclipse can be an extremely powerful time for cleansing our emotional waters and setting intention for renewal and rejuvenation in the coming months, because the energetic cycles of the lunar eclipse tend to extend through the period of next three months after its event.

Does an eclipse affect your emotions? ›

No, not really. There are no known physical effects, according to NASA. They do mention that psychological effects are real, however. A sense of awe can accompany the direct observation of the movement of celestial bodies that we all depend on, yet rarely think about.

Can a lunar eclipse cause anxiety? ›

Your balance may be affected, or you may feel out of sorts, you may also feel extra sensitive to the energies and emotions of those around you. You can feel annoyed, anxious, frustrated, and confused.

Does lunar eclipse affect anxiety? ›

Feeling moody or anxious during the lunar eclipse? Well, get in line behind basically all of history. Whether you're simply in awe of this rare and lovely event in the night sky, or you're feeling a legit shift in your mood, don't be too surprised if you feel a little, you know, not like yourself.

What does the eclipse 2022 symbolize? ›

While being selective with who you open up to is important, the spiritual meaning of the October 2022 solar eclipse is all about considering how you've been limiting yourself when it comes to suppressing your deep, inner feelings.

How will the Scorpio lunar eclipse affect me? ›

Scorpio. The Lunar eclipse in 2023 can bring up deep emotions and hidden truths for Scorpio. It's important to focus on self-care and reflection and to be honest with yourself and others about your feelings.

What are eclipses for spiritually? ›

Eclipses mark major life events that we often remember forever. However, they always bring the unexpected and something you could not have planned for — something monumental that changes your life forever. During these times, something ends and another begins.

Is lunar eclipse a good or bad omen? ›

“In the Hindu shastras, this event is considered to be an extremely inauspicious one, and consequently, the eclipses or grahans are believed to be a sign of bad omen,” she told DNA. However, science says that if you're having an off night in bed, it had nothing to do with the Moon.

What is the spiritual significance of the blood moon lunar eclipse? ›

An eclipsing of the brilliance of the moon allows for an exploration of the subconscious or hidden layers of our emotional and spiritual aspects. The spiritual meaning of the blood moon is the opening of the path to exploring what is often referred to as our darker side, emotions such as rage, shame, and grief.

Is lunar eclipse good for Scorpio? ›

When the lunar eclipse meets Scorpio, magic is in the air. Scorpio is one of the most transformative signs of the zodiac. Paired with a lunar eclipse, this becomes a potent time for revelation, change, and immense psychological breakthroughs.

How does November eclipse affect Scorpio? ›

Scorpio (23 October — 21 November)

A Scorpio might go through an emotional upheaval during this lunar eclipse, as the sun, Mercury and Venus are in your sight, with the added energy of the full moon. Dynamics in your relationships can change as you discover new information and sides about your partner.

What are the disadvantages of Scorpio moon? ›

The negative characteristics of people with a Scorpio moon include secretiveness, vengefulness, moodiness, and resentment.


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