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About the purchase of the Luna Property

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Frequently asked questions and answers about buying and owning real estate on the moon. If your question is not answered here,please contact usImmediately.

Frequently asked questions about buying real estate on the Moon | moon record (1)

How much will it cost you to live on the moon? money great britain, using prices and information provided byWorld Record, produced a detailed study showing that buying real estate on the moon may be the easiest and cheapest part of the process; for now, getting to the moon and building the infrastructure (including habitat, food, water, and... no wonder – oxygen) will be its clear complement.

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What is the International Registry of Lunar Lands?

HeInternational Registry of Lunar Lands(ILLR) was formed in 1999 to provide a standardized and simplified system for registering claims to real estate on Earth's moon, Luna.

ILLR is an independent organization that is not affiliated with any government or entity. The program, known as the "Moon Record," is overseen byInternational Moon Society, a recognized non-governmental organization (NGO) that receives a small administrative fee for running the system.

Luna Society officers and employees and their immediate families may not have any interest in any Lunar property, nor may they have any financial or advisory interest in or arrangement with any corporation, partnership, organization or other business entity that owns or controls more than of ten acres of land on Luna.

As of July 2019, ILLR has legally filed more than 326,000 Moon landing claims covering more than 1.25 million acres of the lunar surface on behalf of corporations and individual owners in nearly every country in the world, and up to now, on every continent except Antarctica. .

Any claim to lunar land can be immediately converted into a full legal instrument and title upon the establishment of an independent and sovereign governing body controlled by the owners in accordance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative.

What laws cover property on the moon?

Lunar land claims are offered as part of an international crowdfunding effort to privately fund exploration, colonization, and development of select locations on the moon.

All property claims on the Moon will be pursued in accordance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative ("LSI") which states:

"Under the terms of the LSI, Luna titles may be offered to private companies to finance exploration, colonization and development of the Moon and its resources."

Legal citizens of any nation may claim and possess lunar assets and resources by appointing a representative (agent) registered with the International Lunar Land Authority in accordance with the LSI. (Purchases throughInternational Moon SocietyProxy rights and protections are granted in accordance with the Lunar Agreement Initiative).

What properties are currently for sale on the moon?

You can see the full list of available moon landings

Please note that the entire moon is not for sale; only about 2% of the lunar surface is offered. Prominent craters and other significant geographic features, as well as historic landing sites, are protected from development.

If you wish to acquire claims on properties that are not currently for sale, the base fee is $2,400 for initial registration, plus a registration fee of $10 per acre, plus any applicable premium fee for that location. $1200 deposit (non-refundable) and initial claim purchase of at least 500 acres required.

For more information pleasecontact ILLRwith your preferred location.Please indicate the exact geographic coordinates in your request.

Why are Moon's property prices different? Yesterday I checked the price and today it has gone up. Because?

As with the stock market, the price of Lunar real estate can fluctuate from hour to hour based on location and demand (sales volume). If a certain location is more in demand, its price will increase; Consequently, when the demand is lower, the price falls.

Pricing is determined by an algorithm that represents a base registration fee (typically $10 per acre) plus a premium fee that varies by location. The basic registration fee decreases according to the number of parcels (hectares) purchased.

You may see large price differences based on the popularity of a location, such assea ​​of ​​rain* or thesea ​​of ​​calm– compared to those with higher availability and lower demand – such asocean of storms.

There is one exception: thesea ​​of ​​smoke, whose subsidized price is currently set at $18.95 per acre and can only be adjusted once a year. The price will remain at this level until the end of 2023.

* - Hesea ​​of ​​rainIt is expected to be the site of China's first large-scale human-based development on the moon.

Where is the best place to buy land on the moon? Can you tell me where other people are buying Moon properties?

We are not authorized to suggest or recommend specific locations on the moon to buyers. It is your sole responsibility to research the potential benefits of the various lunar placements offered.

We are also not authorized to disclose information or personal data of other property owners that goes beyond general data for statistical purposes.

Some areas of the moon have been assigned preliminary zoning for various purposes, including tourism, scientific research, manufacturing, or mining. Most areas may have a combination of purposes, such as: B. Mining in one sector and tourism facilities in another sector.

Portions of each batch will also be set aside for transportation facilities used for flights to and from Earth (and hopefully to Mars and other planets in the future) and shuttles to other locations on the moon.

Please note that the tentative zoning is just that, tentative, and is subject to change in the future.

How does buying land on the moon work? What steps do I need to follow to own real estate in Lunar?

The process is quite simple!

First,Click hereto review the list of properties that are currently available on the Moon.

Once you have selected your preferred location, please follow the steps outlined on this page by entering the full name of the owner and the total number of acres you wish to purchase and select any extras you wish to add e.g. Copy (PDF) of your documents, The Full Moon Atlas CD-ROM or a gift message.

Ready to start?Click here!

What about other companies that sell land on the Moon over the Internet?

Although there are dozens of companies offering novelty lunar properties for sale over the Internet, only the International Registry of Lunar Lands (known as the Lunar Registry) is authorized to register title to property on the moon to finance commercial exploration, settlement and the development of the moon. land Mondes in accordance with international law and in particular with the Lunar Settlement Initiative.

Please note that we do not claim to be the "owner" of moon, as moon certification startups falsely claim. We only offer a standardized process for registering property claims in a limited number of prime locations on the Moon.

While you might get a nice piece of paper from one of these many newfangled companies, your actual ownership of the land on their moon has no legal basis and is essentially worthless.

We strongly encourage you to visit the websites of these organizations and make your own informed decision.

I saw a man on TV making a claim to the US/USSR/UN for the moon in 1980 and that there were loopholes in the UN space treaties that made it legal. How can you sell the moon when "The Head Cheese" already owns it?

Esnoown the moonAnd we don't claim to own it either. You can't just write a letter to a government claiming ownership of any piece of land anywhere in the universe. International law does not work that way.

The person in question claims that he went to San Francisco many years ago and persuaded an unidentified City Hall bureaucrat to sign a paper legitimizing his possession of the moon.

The problem?This imaginative event never happened.

Don't you think authenticated proof of their claim to the moon would rank among the most important documents of civilization along with the Magna Carta, Gutenberg's Bible, and the Declaration of Independence?

Instead, after more than four decades, the owner of the lunar embassy has never been able to produce this supposed proof, though he continues to use it as the basis for selling novelty lunar certificates.

Rather than make up silly stories, give ourselves crazy nicknames, or try to find loopholes in the law, we work with international organizations and space law experts to ensure our property owners have the right to own their land in accordance with established international treaties, including the Lunar Settlement Initiative, with the goal of creating an autonomous Lunar Republic on the moon.

Remember: the only recognized historical precedent for owning property is realoccupancy of this propertyaccording to the established laws, do not write a letter to someone who does not have it at all.

Do I get mineral rights to the lunar property I buy?

The deed and title you will receive for your lunar property includes all mineral claims down to a vertical depth of three miles below the mean elevation of the land. This depth can be changed in the future by the citizens and the government of the Lunar Republic at the request of the landowners.

How to sell land on the moon The United States was the first to land on the moon, so it's theirs!

We often get asked that. The United States actually brought the first humans to the surface of the moon. However, under the terms of the United Nations Lunar Treaty, the United States could not and would not claim ownership or sovereignty of Luna.

In accordance with the Lunar Settlement Initiative (LSI), we offer limited land claims on the Moon: only about 2% of the total surface area of ​​the Moon. The LSI terms require us to only register property in your (or your business's) name and charge a small fee to process, register and mail your documents to you.

We currently have twelve selected locations on the moon for you to review.Click here.

Can I inherit my property to my children?

Your property is your property to develop or use as you see fit. And since it's yours, you can also include it in your will to go to the person(s) of your choice, whether that be a friend, family member, or other entity or organization.

You must state your intentions in your will and you should consult your lawyer for instructions. Luna Society International cannot and will not provide legal advice regarding this process.

For updated documents after a transfer of ownership,please click here.

I want to sell my property. Who can I sell it to and how much can I ask for?

You may sell, donate, barter, or transfer your property to any person, organization, or entity of your choice.

You can sell your property at any price that you and the buyer agree on.

Keep in mind that there are currently over a billion acres of land available on the moon, a fact to keep in mind when setting your price.

For updated documents after a transfer of ownership,please click here.

I lost my original ownership documents. How can I order a replacement kit?

If you've lost your Moon ownership documents, your documents are damaged, you've transferred your ownership to someone else, or you just want a duplicate, we make the process easy!

Request a new set of documentsClick here.

Be sure to include the full name of the property owner, the transaction file number, and any other relevant information you can provide.

Why are the coordinates of my lot the same as any other lot?

The coordinates given in your documents designate the common corner point from which the entire wing is measured; This vertex is consistent in all documents for lots sold within this area as individual lots (acres) have not yet been inspected on site.

It's not like you were sold the same acreage as someone else. Each tract is thousands of acres and you own the property within that tract.

Frequently asked questions about buying real estate on the Moon | moon record (3)

The coordinates given for the Orientale district indicate the location of the main corner point of the wing.

I keep hearing about helium³ reserves on the moon. What's that?

Helium³ is highly coveted for nuclear fusion, but it is very rare on Earth. It comes from the outer shell of the sun and is blown around the solar system by solar winds, accumulating in abundance on the lunar surface.

There are millions of tons of helium³ on the moon, and only 25 tons could feed the European UnionYUnited States for a year, according to estimates. Because of its value, transportation between the Moon and Earth could become very cheap in the near future.

For more information, see "The moon is a potential gold mine of natural resources.(via

I would like to honor a relative by purchasing a memorial lot on the moon. How can I do that?

Rather than purchase an acre of land on the moon, you may want to consider a memorial crater on the moon that will never be developed or used for any purpose other than to honor a deceased family member or friend.

There are a limited number of memorial craters available on the moon. You can name a lunar crater

What is the difference between luna and moon?

Earth's moon is known as Luna and is generally referred to as the Moon (with a capital M).

A moon (with a lowercase m) is a natural satellite that orbits planets and asteroids. Including the Moon, there are 173 moons that orbit the planets in our solar system (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune), of which 67 orbit Jupiter and 62 Saturn.


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