20+ App Ideas Not Yet Implemented: Action Item List - Small Business CEO (2023)

Proposing an app idea is a challenge.

Coming up with one that generates millions in revenue is even harder.

Still, there are many app ideas to be had. You need to remember that no matter how brilliant your app idea is, it must be implemented correctly. Most entrepreneurs entrust the development process to adevelopment company. That way, entrepreneurs can focus on core business activities, while the technical side can be left to professionals.

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Let's explore some trending app ideas worth exploring in 2021. You're about to find out:

  • What apps are in demand today?
  • 20+ app ideas that haven't been completed yet
  • How to generate great ideas for apps that don't exist

It's time to dive in.

What apps are in demand in the 21st century?

While 2020 brought many challenges and changes, 2021 will be no less exciting in terms of customer demand. To get a better idea of ​​the app market, let's look at some apps that are widely used today.

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Below, you'll find some of the most innovative mobile apps that are all the rage right now.

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Blockchain technology

After the waves around Bitcoin subsided, we still see many blockchain-based projects, including Safetrading. Technology is making its way into different sectors, including finance andbitcoin trade, real estate, politics, insurance and many others.

Fintech and HealthTech areas

These are two of the most promising areas of exploration for building things that haven't been invented yet. The fintech market is projected to reach the value of$305 billion by 2025, while the value of digital health will reach$639 billion by 2026. Therefore, investments in Fintech and Health Tech offer many opportunities. For example, if you decide to enter the market with ahospital software product, you can develop EHR (Electronic Health Record) system, hospital asset tracking software, diagnostic application, etc.

Examples of such solutions are numerous, including healthcare applications such as AliveCor, AirStrip, MDLIVE and financial technology solutions such as Nubank, MoneyLion, etc.

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ML and AI are two technologies that are actively gaining ground today. FaceApp, an app that shows how people change with age, is a great example of how AI can be implemented in modern solutions. ML implementation can be found in voice assistants like Google Assistant, Cortana, Siri, etc.

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While chatbots aren't among the things that haven't been invented yet, their potential is huge. Forecasts indicate that the market value of chatbots will reach$102 billion by 2025. Chatbots can be used in many industries including eCommerce, healthcare, travel, finance, insurance and many others.

Portable application integration

According toPolitical, the number of portable devices in use will exceed one billion. If you're exploring iOS app ideas, you can integrate your solution with Apple Watch. For those contemplating Android app ideas, the number of devices is even greater as many companies make such solutions, including Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.

IoT-enabled mobile apps

The Internet of Things is a technology that cannot be ignored today. Google, Apple, Amazon and other companies are actively investing in IoT development. By 2021, global IoT spending is expected to reach$1.4 trillionas even more industries will start using it this year.

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Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

It's safe to say that Pokémon Go is the main reason everyone started talking about Augmented Reality. After the game was released, many industries started to explore this technology.

Implementation examples are numerous and include solutions like Amazon AR View, IKEA Place, etc. Although Virtual Reality is different in terms of technological aspects, this technology is not less popular, especially in video games. Both technologies can be used in various industries including e-commerce, healthcare, education, travel, etc.

mobile wallets

Mobile wallets are actively gaining ground today. With Google Pay and Apple Pay leading the way, there's still room for new and up-and-coming names. The mobile wallet transaction amount will reach$14 billion by 2022.

cyber security

With more and more companies and applications falling to their knees to hackers, the importance of cybersecurity will only increase. For many companies, digital security is the biggest challenge for many companies.

lighthouse technology

Beacons technology is an innovative solution that has been on the market for some time. This technology can be used for beacon-based notifications, mobile payments, and even automated personal beacons.

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Top 20 App Ideas That Haven't Been Realized Yet

Even though there are more than 3.5 million apps on major app stores, there are still app ideas that have not been realised. Let's take a look at some of the mobile app ideas that you can use as a starting point.

1. Grocery shopping app

A grocery shopping app powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence could offer a unique approach to online shopping. This app may include different features such as recommendations based on location, budget, purchase history and other criteria.

2. On-demand delivery service

On-demand delivery services are a great idea for a phone app. This app will help customers ship packages by recommending the best delivery companies that provide the services they need based on their location and the type of items that need to be delivered.

3. All-in-one social media app

With so many social media apps, it's hard for users to be present and active everywhere. The main idea is to combine all social media platforms into one solution to be ubiquitous without much effort.

4. Parking spot finder app

Finding free parking can be a challenge, especially in a big city. A solution that will help users find a free parking spot is one of the most exciting app ideas today. Such an application can be made using beacons and IoT technologies.

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5. Brand identification application

This application will be a useful addition to the toolkit that allows you to identify replicas of famous brands in clothing, jewelry, watches and other luxury items. By scanning a label, users can verify the authenticity of products, learn more about companies, their policies, standards and other information that influences the purchase decision.

6. AR app for school

Embora tais aplicativos já existam, eles estão longe de serem amplamente utilizados. Portanto, ao explorar ideias de aplicativos que ainda não foram feitas, pense em criar um aplicativo para escolas que ajude os alunos a entender melhor materiais e conceitos complexos por meio da implementação da Realidade Aumentada.

7. Smart kitchen app

Kitchen helpers are definitely among the apps that need to be created. They can provide users with recipes based on ingredients users have on hand. With an app like this one, you'll stop wondering what to cook for dinner after a long day at work.

8. Application for recognition and identification

This is another interesting concept among the app ideas that didn't make it. This app can be used to recognize celebrities, songs, movies, TV shows, etc.

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9. Virtual shopping application

These apps can help with brand awareness and improve conversion rates. An online shopping app can provide users with information about product availability, best pick-up locations, peak store hours, etc.

10. Notes sharing app

Sharing notes should be listed among ideas for apps to do in the future. These platforms will help conference, seminar and meeting visitors to share their notes with those who were unable to attend the event.

11. Smart investment app

Investing is a very challenging area that requires specific knowledge and understanding of market changes. A smart investment app powered by artificial intelligence will conduct market research and present users with results and forecasts for a company or area the user is interested in.

12. Tax management application

Taxes are a tedious area for many. That's why your new app ideas can make life easier for entrepreneurs. This app can help pay taxes based on the user's location and even provide the ability to create invoices.

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13. Payment reminder application

This app can track all user payments and bills including service subscriptions etc. This application will help avoid situations where users forget to cancel subscriptions that they no longer need. It's definitely one of the worthwhile app ideas that hasn't been done yet.

14. Local party and event finder app

There are many solutions that offer information about local events, including Facebook, Meetup, Eventbrite and others. Still, if you're exploring potential web application ideas, you can build a platform that collects information from all these solutions and displays it in a single application.

15. Supermarket payment application

This is definitely one of the app ideas that can change the world. Although Amazon has already launched its Amazon Go store, the use of this technology is rare today. You can simply take the concept and transform it to meet the demands of local markets.

16. Event and invitation planning app

These apps make it easy to plan different events like weddings, birthdays, parties, etc. Event planning solutions can include different functions, for example, creating guest lists, sending invitations, communicating, matching schedules, etc.

The list does not include all the app ideas that were not created. There are many different areas that can be explored further, such as on-demand car wash apps, crime alert apps, virtual exam apps, and much more.

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App ideas that haven't been created yet: 10+ ways to create one

So how can you come up with an idea for an app?

The process can be divided into 12 steps:

1. Find a solution to a problem

Find an issue users are struggling with. Find existing applications in the field and create a solution that offers even more features. If there are no competitors, the path is clear and you can move in whatever direction the collected data deems appropriate.

2. Apply the Freemium Business Model

It can be challenging to earn money from a newly launched app. Therefore, you may need to think about implementing the freemium business model. Give users some features for free and offer more advanced features for a fee. The Freemium model will help you test your business idea among a larger number of users and grow your customer base faster.

3. Try to improve an existing idea

To create a successful startup, you may not need to brainstorm app ideas that weren't created in 2020. Instead, identify a problem, find existing solutions, and provide a new approach to solving it with your new app.

4. Find out what recent innovation is missing in an industry

Find niches and sectors with high market value but lacking in innovation. Real estate has become an industry for AR implementation. You can come up with unique ideas, such as using beacons for personalized ads based on users' location.

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5. Set mobile app trends

Stay in the industry world. Try to get ahead and predict which technologies will drive the future. Once you've done that successfully, create an application based on that technology.

6. Conduct user research

When you know your target audience, you can easily identify what problems they have and what kind of solutions they need to solve them.

7. Create app ideas to make people's lives easier and faster

Making an app just for money is the road to nowhere. Focus on making users' lives easier and faster. Take a look at your target audience, think about their challenges and identify how you can improve their lives.

8. Copy ideas and localize them for your market

Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can copy an app idea and localize it in your local market. Do not attempt to clone the solution. Look at this from a different perspective and try to think about how you can apply your local terrain concept.

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9. Get more experience

As you learn the market and develop a new application, you may change the perspective from which you view your solution. Once you combine knowledge with experience, you'll be able to take your app even further and find the best ways to plan its future development.

10. Brainstorm

Brainstorm as quickly as possible. Once you know how to brainstorm, you'll be able to come up with new ideas faster.

11. Keep a notebook

Keep a notebook with you at all times. You don't know when you'll have a great idea. Write down the idea as soon as it comes and in as much detail as possible. Even if the idea seems crazy now, it can become great in the future.

12. Take breaks

While a new app idea can be very engaging, don't think about it all the time. Take breaks when you are physically active, reading books, watching movies and even walking. It's been proven over time that the brightest ideas come to mind at leisure.

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